We are a creative agency

that helps clients achieve incredible
and measurable results.

What we can do

We help our clients to gain visibility.
From effective online marketing to event management.


Communications & PR – Get media outputs and gain visibility.
Complex marketing
A good marketing strategy is the foundation of every success.
Events, translations
and interpreting
We will make sure your event runs smoothly from A to Z.
Visual design and print
From initial proposal to implementation and delivery of provided materials for printing.
Web presentation
Your business cannot exist without a website.
Social networks
We will prepare the targeting strategy and subsequent communication of your campaign

About us

Even though Bflow is a young communication agency, still asserting its position on the local market, we most certainly don’t lack experience.
Our consultants, both internal and external, have a profound professional background in business, services, mass and social media and communication services including advertising and PR. They have acquired priceless knowledge and skills. This allows us to synergically increase the value of those skills and transform it into benefits for our clients. Among other activities we have experience with organizing various events – such as seminars, presentations, lectures, conferences, and themed fairs and festivals, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Whether it comes to crisis management, research, digital communications, media relations, financial communications, marketing communications or public affairs, Bflow is proud to provide consultants and creative specialists who perform at the highest level and achieve measurable results.
Jan Hruska

Jan Hruska
Chief Executive Officer

We’re busy bees

We identify problems and come up with innovative solutions. All with the maximal effort.
We build on the desire to fully satisfy our clients.

We are
Our team consists of highly experienced experts in the field. We know how to approach problems with our clients’ perspective in mind.

Our work
is measurable

We do not suppose, we measure. Working with data is an important part of what we do. As a result, you can always see the benefits of working with us in concrete numbers.

Our clients

Our clients

Our team

Professional consultants

Together we can achieve great results!
Join us!